Recap of the HUMANITA Good-Practice Workshop on Monitoring Visitors and their Impacts on the Environment


On June 29th, our team had the privilege of hosting an inspiring event, Good-Practice Workshop on "Monitoring Visitors and their Impacts on the Environment" in the frame of INTERREG Centra Europe Project HUMANITA.

This online workshop aimed to shed light on the monitoring of spatiotemporal behavior of visitors and explore innovative technologies for monitoring the impacts of visitors on the natural environment. The event was an inspiration, featuring presentations from eight good-practice owners and covering a range of topics related to visitor monitoring, wildlife monitoring, erosion and trampling monitoring.

The presentations covered the insights into the use of modern technologies like acoustic sensors, wildlife cameras and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to monitor the impact of visitors on the environment. Furthermore, the modern possibilities of data collection about visitor movement patterns based on voluntary geographic information from mobile apps and automatic visitor counters, were a great inspiration.

The workshop's themes closely align with the monitoring methods that will be employed during the INTERREG CE Project HUMANITA. By exploring the latest technological advancements and successful case studies, participants gained valuable inspiration and knowledge that will contribute to the project's objectives. The INTERREG CE Project HUMANITA aims to enhance sustainable tourism practices and minimize the negative environmental impacts of visitor activities.

We are pleased to announce that the Good-Practice Workshop webinar was recorded for those who couldn't attend the live event. The recording will be made available on the project website, which will be launched soon. Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn profile for the launch of the INTERREG CE Project HUMANITA website and the release of the webinar recording.