HEBEL_edu: Exploitation of synergy potentials between regular study programmes and continuing education programmes - pilot project using the example of the certification course in conservation science

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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture has actively developed strategies towards topics of environmental and nature conservation.

This is demonstrated not only by course offerings such as the certification course in nature conservation, but also new research focal points such as the research group CONNA (Construction Needs Nature) and research projects such as CLEANSTONE and Green_LOGIX.

Increasing the continuity between the areas of continuing education and regular studies is a strategic challenge. In the field of civil engineering and architecture, continuing education programmes play a fundamental role.

The HEBEL_edu project is a pilot programme that provides an opportunity for regular students to be involved in offerings from the Center for Further Education, which are organized differently than conventional educational offerings. This fulfills one of the objectives of CUAS: developing a platform to connect regular students to continuing education opportunities in a stronger way. The HEBEL_edu project will identify potentials, challenges, constraints and possible solutions to integration of regular students with opportunities in continuing education.

Involved institutes:

  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Center for Further Education
  • UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Management of Conservation Areas