Award “der Goldenen Unke” - Competition for innovative, nature-oriented and nature-conserving projects

Goldene Unke
Fotocredit: Sara Schaar
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Management of Conservation Areas MSc

In 2021 the “Goldene Unke” (“Golden Toad”) was awarded to honour the most nature-oriented and nature conservation-based project. Identifying and highlighting innovations in nature conservation in construction projects is the major aim of this award.

The competition is designed to help recognize successful implementations in the sector. The competition is intended to motivate companies to implement projects in a more nature-friendly way and to bring successful projects to the forefront.

We are looking for construction projects that are successful and innovative with regard to the implementation of nature conservation measures or nature conservation requirements. If the project enables an improvement for nature (animal and plant species, as well as habitats), it is eligible for the award. All projects that have been successfully implemented in the last five years can be submitted.

The “Golden Toad” is related to the unique Austrian training programme to become a nature conservation specialist. The submitted projects have shown the areas of tension and solutions in the intersection of nature conservation and construction. The nature conservation specialist offers the possibility for nature conservation and the construction industry to find joint solutions.

Identifying and highlighting innovations in nature conservation in construction was the major goal of this award. The competition successfully promoted recognition of more nature-friendly approaches to implement construction projects.

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