English for Radiological Technologists (SE)

Studiengangssemester 1. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS1,0
ECTS Credits1,0
Unterrichtssprache Deutsch

Students are able to enlarge and broaden their field - specific terminology (body parts, internal organs) and are able to communicate with foreign language speaking patients. They can inform patients about their examinations. Students are able to give instructions. They can explain correct positioning to the patient when being examined. Further students are able to answer questions and can cope with patients' fears.
They are able to summarize and present topics related to radiology (They know how to structure presentations and how to use electronic media.). They are able to summarize and give the gist of articles, publications and texts related to their field of study. They understand English manuals and their specific terminology. They know the English terms for technical equipment, clothes and other necessary equipment.

Modul 1, tw. Modul 2

Reading and discussion of articles, texts, manuals, etc. related to their field of subject. (e.g. manuals, publications); general and specific terminology will be acquired and enlarged; deepening of speaking skills (way of expressing, pronunciation) as a prerequisite to communicate with foreign language speaking patients.
Presentation techniques and body language: summarization and structuring of texts, correct use of electronic media, mini and maxi-presentations.

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Glendinning, E.& Holmstrom, B., (2004), English in Medicine: A Course in Communication Skills (Cambridge Professional English), Audiobook, Verlag Cambridge Univ Pr.;
Skripten, Fachzeitschriften, fachbezogene Internetseiten, etc.

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Presentations, elaborate issues and topics in groups