From Italy to Korea – Where do ICM alumni work and apply their competencies? A project run by current ICM students!


The ICM Alumni Network project serves as a vehicle to connect alumni of the Intercultural Management bachelor's program at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. The project was kick-started by Dr. Svetlana Buko, and Janet Brown, MA MA, and is coordinated by two ICM alumni, Farah Turki and Nikol Pasalic. It embeds the main pillar of the Intercultural Management program – Diversity and Inclusion.

The ICM alumni are currently dispersed in numerous locations worldwide and are operating in a variety of different industries, positions, and business areas. To connect them, the project begins by collecting success stories of selected interview participants of the three generations of ICM alumni (6 years of ICM program impact). The stories of these young professionals and interculturalists will be recorded and shared in the form of a newsletter, and individually promoted on the ICM program’s Instagram account under the “ICM Alumni Series”.  

The ICM Alumni Network also aims to organize events envisioned to foster networking on all fronts, including an ICM Alumni meet-up, and professional development training with a guest speaker. The main aim of connecting ICM alumni has another sublayer – and that is to help current and future students of the Intercultural Management program visualize their potential career paths based on the experience of their predecessors. Under this dimension, the project acknowledges the power of peer-to-peer learning and further aims to deliver the stories to the current and future Intercultural Management students in order to support and advance their efforts in their future careers. The next level is to conduct interviews within the industry to get first hand voices from businesses about work input from our alumni.  

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