Exciting Insights into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting with our guest consultant Gradiola Kapaj


This week we had the honor of hosting Gradiola Kapaj, an alumna of IBM program and an experienced consultant at the renowned international DEI organization, Kaleidoscope Group. Gradiola shared her invaluable expertise and experiences in the field of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with our 5th-semester ICM students as part of the "International Business Environment" module.

During the engaging session, Gradiola shared her inspiring career journey in diversity consulting, offering valuable insights and guidance to our senior ICM students. She delved into the significance of a well-curated portfolio, emphasizing its role in showcasing one's expertise and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. In addition to detailing her career path, Gradiola provided a comprehensive understanding of the importance of networking in the DEI landscape. She underscored how building meaningful connections and fostering relationships within the industry can significantly impact one's growth and influence in the field of DEI, providing a case of SIETAR Europa Network.  

One of the highlights of the session was Gradiola's comparison of the DEI market in the USA and Europe, shedding light on the distinct approaches and strategies. This comparative analysis offered our students a broader perspective on the global dynamics of DEI, enriching their understanding of the diverse needs and challenges in different contexts.

Gradiola's expertise, combined with her dedication to driving positive change through diversity and inclusion, inspired our students to continue pursuing their passion in this field of international consulting. We are immensely grateful for her time, wisdom, and commitment to empowering the next generation of DEI advocates.

We are honored to have our MA level alumni in the key positions around the globe.