International Sales Management (ILV)



Mag. (FH)

 Stefan Korb
VertiefungInternational Marketing
Studiengangssemester 2. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS1,0
ECTS Credits2,0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch

By the end of this course the students should:
understand the role and importance of the sales function in multinational companies
describe the distinct factors that distinguish international sales from sales in the domestic market
critically assess motivation, performance management, development and compensation systems for the international salesforce
develop international sales strategies
consider ethical implications and cultural issues when suggesting or making international sales-related decisions

The international sales function
Selling to international customers
The role of the sales function in multinational companies
Culture and sales
Structure of international sales organizations
International sales strategy
Sales forecasts in global markets

Managing the global salesforce
Global sales force development
Motivation, performance management and control systems for the international salesforce
Compensation and reward management

Managing the relationship with international customers and partners
Customer relationship management in an international context
Selecting and managing local representatives
Ethical issues in international sales

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Lecture, discussion, case studies

Class participation: 20%
Exam: 80%