Electrical Engineering (ILV)



FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.

 Thomas Klinger , MLBT

Studiengangssemester 1. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS1,5
ECTS Credits2,0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch

Students get to know the basic behavior of electric circuits (AC/DC).

They are able to analyze and very simple and complex electrical


Further lecture contents the basics of electric circuits (AC, DC) and

RLC-networks, applied electromagnetic systems, base of electrical

machines and overview of high frequency spectrums, as well as

electric resonance systems.

Students are able to analyze and synthesize networks in the time

and frequency domain and to graphically illustrate their behavior

(vector diagrams, Bode diagram).

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Electric networks, electrical parameters, Kirchhoff?s laws and two-pole theory, network analysis methods, linear networks with sinusoidal excitation basic of electric fields, trained on capacitor, magnetic field basics, trained on electric coils and permanent magnetic systems, hysteresis, electromagnetic spectrum, Maxwell equations, calculation in the time and frequency domain, vector diagrams and Bode diagram, analysis of typical alternating current circuits, base of electromagnetic forces and torques, Lorentz equations, electromagnetic and electrostatic induction

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