ISCD student laboratory

The subject area of electronics and especially highly integrated micro- and nanoelectronics forms the core technology for the current as well as strongly growing future networking and digitalization of our society.

A basic understanding of the technologies and methods used for this can help to make the mostly unknown world of integrated circuits "comprehensible".


The master's program "Integrated Systems and Circuits Design" at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences deals with the topic of microelectronics and integrated circuits both in teaching and in research projects. In the student laboratory, the development steps and manufacturing methods of an integrated circuit are learned using various examples. The core of the lab is a 3-semester project in which students work in small groups to develop an integrated ADC from concept through circuit design and physical design (mask layout) to fabrication. Finally, this circuit is measured and characterized in the laboratory.



  • 17 Linux-PCs with State-of-the-Art EDA-Tools of Cadence
  • Synopsys andMentor Graphics
  • Technology: 0.35um CMOS-Prozess process of ams AG in Graz


Workstations: 16

Max. number of participants: 16

Campus: Campus Villach – Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach, NT1.08

Equipment: 16 +1 Linux PCs mit Dual Screen


Dr.-Ing. Michael Köberle

Europastraße 4 A-9524 Villach

+43 5 90500 2122