Add ons - Vorbereitungskurse

Into study with additional competence

The FH Add-Ons are preparatory, accompanying and advanced courses for prospective students who want to refresh or deepen their knowledge in the natural sciences. As an additional competence for the start of studies, the consolidation of the knowledge in the MINT subjects helps to facilitate the start of the daily study routine.

In the weeks prior to the start of your studies, we offer additional courses in the subjects of mathematics and computer science to prepare you optimally for the first semester. The aim is to bring the different levels of performance and knowledge of the prospective students to the same level. Knowledge gaps can be filled, existing knowledge can be refreshed. Tutorials during the first semester ensure constant support and promotion of your own skills. Lecturers from the Engineering & IT department impart specialist knowledge in mathematics and computer science, which is relevant for all technical fields of study, regardless of the choice of study.

Participation is voluntary and free for prospective students.