Quality partnership HTL: Entry into the 3rd semester

HTL graduates can shorten their studies by up to one year if the admission requirements are met and selected entry examinations are passed before the start of studies.

After successful completion of the Matura and after a positive admission procedure at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, entry into the 3rd semester is possible after successful completion of entry examinations.

Admission requirements are a grade point average of 2 or better in the last two annual school reports (4th and 5th grade) and a letter of recommendation from the respective HTL.


Please submit your application documents for a Bachelor's degree program in the field of "Engineering & IT" ideally ONLINE and include your 4th and 5th grade leaving certificates. After checking the documents, we will contact you if individual courses or semesters can be credited. You will then receive the necessary information about the Moodle preparation courses, which will be offered free of charge from June, and tutorials with the respective teachers.

Entrance exams are offered at the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia in the months of July and September in the first and second week respectively. For these entrance exams, we offer free preparation courses in Moodle starting in June. Participants will be registered by us for the corresponding preparatory courses, all course materials are included in the free package:

  • Tutorials with the lecturers
  • Sample exercises with sample exams
  • Setting up a discussion forum where questions can be asked online
  • 1-2 preparatory sessions at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences to clarify content-related questions

The necessary entry examinations must be completed positively before the start of the study program.

Students who enter the first or second semester despite existing knowledge are invited to work alongside the course instructors as coaches for students without prior technical knowledge. The course can be credited on request or is assessed as "successfully attended".

A quality partnership has been concluded with the HTLS in Carinthia and the HTL Shkodra in Albania.

Graduates of these HTLs can enter the 3rd semester without additional examinations if their grade point average is ≤ 2 (based on their 4th grade annual report) and if they have a recommendation from the respective head of department or class. Please include your 4th grade report card with your application.

Entry into the 2nd semester after basic military service as well as individual crediting of individual courses are possible for all Bachelor's degree programs in the field of "Engineering & IT".