Academic Practice Guidance & Practice Teaching

Das Upgrade zur "akademischen Praxisanleitung und Praxislehre" umfasst 2 Semester und ist berufsbegleitend organisiert. Das Upgrade wird als Aufbaumodul zum Zertifikatslehrgang "Professionelle Praxisanleitung und Praxislehre" angeboten.

Internships as a bridge between studies and career

Internships, as a bridge between study and work, enable a wide range of opportunities for students, the training institutions and the practice institutions. Practical supervisors play an important role in this process: they take on the task of accompanying trainees through this phase. Furthermore, they create a learning process for a mutual transfer of knowledge. Practice supervisors are active in teaching, advising, evaluating and mediating. How these activities can be organized professionally is the central topic of this further education (according to §64 Abs. 3 GuKG).



The further education program "Professional Practice Guidance and Practice Teaching" pursues the goal of enabling practice supervisors to competently accompany trainees from the fields of health and social work through internships and to facilitate a learning process with mutual knowledge transfer.


Info & contact

Your contact person

For questions about the study contact:


Sonja Dietrichsteiner 
Administration CUAS Academy

+43 5 90500 4302

Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Level of qualification
Academic course


ECTS Credits


Training costs
€ 5.900,-


€ 22,70 / Semester (indexangepasst)

Duration of studies
4 semesters


Form of organization


Language of instruction



Geplanter Lehrgangsstart: Oktober 2024
Bewerbungsfrist: 30. Juni 2024

Aim & Content

Module 1: Communication and interviewing (6 ECTS)

Module 2: Didactics & methodology of professional teaching and learning (6 ECTS)

Module 3: Professional and legal knowledge (6 ECTS)

Module 4: Application (6 ECTS)

Module 5: Science & Profession (6 ECTS)

Module 6: Practical guidance as practical teaching (10 ECTS)

Module 7: Applied research, practice and science (10 ECTS)

Module 8: Project work (10 ECTS)


Access requirements:

For an application we need:

For a application we need the following documents from you:

  • Application form
  • Current curriculum vitae with photo
  • Proof of completed training
  • Brief information about your role as a practical guide (institution, professional affiliation, length of experience as a practical guide)


Mag. (FH) Mario Bokalic
Scientific Director

+43 5 90500 4217

Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Sonja Dietrichsteiner 
Administration CUAS Academy

+43 5 90500 4302

Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Anita Mitterdorfer, BA M.Ed. MA
Professional Director GuK

Elena Klingbacher 
Lehre Administration FH Kärnten Academy

+43 5 90500 4307

Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Mag. a Alexandra Liegl
Head of Centre for Further and Continuing Education at CUAS

+43 5 90500 4311
Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen