The Bachelor of Science degree program is offered in German language.
Therefore the certificate of  Language Competency Evaluation German C1 is required.

Application deadline

For Winterterm 2021 the following Application Deadlines are opened:
I:    01.11.-15.03.2021
II:   16.03.-15.05.2021 (Waiting list)

For applicants from outside Europe:
Due to visa and legalization processing we accept applications only from period I & II

Study start

The semester starts in the middle of september. The start of lectures can be found in the individual timetable.

Teaching time

Monday – Friday full-time and partly on Saturdays


Outdoor consultations
15-19 h at the CUAS sites

Master-Session Online 
16 - 19 h

Info Abend Online
17 - 20 h 

2. Tuesday per month via Videocall

individuelle Terminvereinbarung unter 05905007700 oder infofh-kaerntenat

Further information

Language of instruction: GERMAN
Minimum of B2

    Current courses - Speech and Language Therapy

    LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    Anatomical and Physiological Basics (BASIS) VO 4,0 4,0 B3.00000.70.110
    Introduction to Linguistics ILV 5,0 6,0 B3.06660.10.140
    Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy ILV 4,0 4,0 B3.06660.10.130
    Introduction to other Related Sciences of Speech and Language Therapy ILV 4,0 5,0 B3.06660.10.150
    Introduction to Scientific Methods of Speech and Language Therapy I SE 1,0 1,0 B3.06660.10.170
    Ergonomic Basics and Health Counselling ILV 1,0 1,0 B3.06660.10.120
    Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Physiology and Pathology in Speech and Language Therapy VO 4,0 4,0 B3.06660.10.110
    Gesunder Start ins Studium UE 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.10.160
    Basics of Hospital Hygiene (BASIS) ILV 1,0 1,0 B3.00000.70.120
    Medical Terminology (BASIS) VO 2,0 2,0 B3.00000.70.100
    Optional subjectTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    First Aid UE 1,0 1,0 B3.00000.70.200
    LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    Current Therapeutic and Methodological Developments in Speech and Language Therapy ILV 3,0 2,0 B3.06660.50.530
    Bachelor Thesis I BA 0,0 4,5 B3.06660.50.550
    Health System and Law (BASIS) VO 1,5 1,5 B3.00000.70.180
    Case Reports SE 3,0 2,0 B3.06660.50.500
    Compulsory Internship IV BOPR 0,0 16,5 B3.06660.50.540
    Internship: Reflection SE 1,5 1,5 B3.06660.50.520
    Therapeutic Understanding ILV 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.50.510
    Optional subjectTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    Interdisciplinary Collaboration ILV 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.50.560
    Entrepreneurship and Business Management ILV 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.50.570
    LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    Bachelor Thesis II BA 0,0 6,0 B3.06660.60.640
    Health Care and Public Health (BASIS) VO 2,0 2,0 B3.00000.80.150
    Bachelor Examination DP 0,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.680
    Compulsory Internship V BOPR 0,0 16,0 B3.06660.60.630
    Quality Management and Standards in Speech and Language Therapy SE 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.620
    Scientific English ILV 2,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.610
    Optional subjectTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
    Feminist Linguistics ILV 1,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.670
    Conflict and stress management ILV 1,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.660
    Rhetoric and Methods of Presentation ILV 1,0 2,0 B3.06660.60.650

    Faculty and Staff - Speech and Language Therapy

    Head of Degree Program Speech and Language Therapy
     Julia Schwarzl-Lever, BSc MSc
    Student Support Services
     Anja Drabosenig
     Diana Holbura, BA MA MHC
     Miriam Moser, MA
    Staff Services & Support Department
     Daniela Josefine Lindner, BA
     Marvin Hoffland, MSc.
    Professor for Social Work

    FH-Prof. Dr.

     Christian Werner Erich Oswald
    Professor of Social Work

    FH-Prof. Mag. (FH) Mag. Dr.

     Martin Josef Klemenjak
    Research Assistant
     Johanna Jessenitschnig, BSc B.A.

    Mag. (FH) Mag.a

     Selina Reifensteiner, BSc