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Any more unanswered questions about your application?
No problem: On this web site you will get all the answers to frequently asked questions about the application process.

The application process at CUAS (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences || Fachhochschule Kaernten)

Yes, because an online application gives us a good overview of your documents and no application gets lost. You have to agree to our data protection regulations as well as to keeping your application for future reference (if you want us to). If you have found a job that matches your expectations, then please apply directly via our job portal.


After sending your application, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail confirming your application. Until the end of the application period, you also have the option of uploading any missing documents - you will find the corresponding link in the confirmation e-mail.


Our job adverts are usually online for at least 3 weeks. We also invite you to download the file.
Since we give all applicants the same chances, the board will only pre-select after the application deadline.

The most suitable candidates will be invited to a job interview. You will receive detailed information about this in an invitation letter via e-mail. Depending on the position, this may be an interview with the board or an interview including a live lecture (teaching) or presentations on other topics.

As soon as the board comes to a decision, you will receive information.
Even if it did not work this time, we will send each applicant a written reply about the status of the application. We are aware about your wish to support the team of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and we want to thank you very much for that!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To strengthen our team, we are looking forward to colleagues who work with expertise, commitment and pleasure. We are looking for talented and ambitious personalities who will implement the plans & tasks and carry the values & goals of CUAS into the future.

An online application enables us to process your application quickly and flexibly. We therefore ask you to apply via our job portal.


For general questions, please get in contact with Mag. (FH) Marion Strebinger, MA at the e-mail address in your confirmation e-mail.

If you apply for a job with us (online), we process your data in order to assess your suitability, qualifications and professional performance with regard to the position for which you are applying and to carry out the application process. We require the data that we ask you to provide in order to carry out the application process.

If you wish your documents to be kept on file, we will also process your data for the purpose of contacting you at a later date.

We will only process your data for as long as is necessary to complete the application process. If an employment relationship is not established between you and us, we will store your data for 7 months after rejection of your application as part of our legitimate interest in defending against legal claims.

Further information on data protection can be found at

We want to carry out our selection process as quickly as possible.
Since your application will be reviewed by a specially implemented commission, the selection process may take some time. However, a period of approximately 6-8 weeks is fixed. In some cases, the process is also finished more quickly.

A letter of motivation/application and the curriculum vitae as well as relevant certificates are obligatory. The required documents are specified in the job ad. Your application helps us to get a comprehensive impression of you as a person but we welcome information "beyond". So, take the opportunity to present yourself in detail and let us know why you would like to make the team at CUAS thrive and why you want to work for us.

What do you do in teaching and research?


Yes, each file should not be larger than 4 MB. We recommend to upload all documents in a pdf. Format.
Please also make sure that no protected pdf.-file is uploaded.
If you have files that are larger, you can also provide a link in the comments field in order for us to screen them on that website. (Note: only use this in exceptional cases and mostly concerns jobs in architecture or civil engineering).

Depending on the position, practical work experience is required and important. You can find the exact details directly in our job ads.


We also look forward to receiving unsolicited applications if here is currently no suitable position for you.
Please enclose essential documents (CV, certificates, confirmations, references) and refer (in your application) to the school/program and position you are interested in.

The regular daily working time depends on the job. For a full-time position, the weekly working time is 40 hours. At the CUAS there is a flextime model for both, employees in teaching and administration.

You will find a minimum salary in every job advert. This is, of course, negotiable if you have the appropriate qualifications and professional experience.
Please also note that in Austria the indication of a "minimum salary" is legally obligatory.

Training and education are very important at CUAS. We offer an internal training catalogue and, of course, there are usually no obstacles to external, subject-related training opportunities (in agreement with your superior and the HR department). Details are always to be clarified individually.

Part-time lecturers, according to § 7 FHG (version of 01/01/21) are persons who

  • are employed exclusively in teaching,
  • do not teach more than 6 semester hours a week and
  • work in other employments with full social insurance contributions (self-employed/employed) (i.e. marginally employed, no seeking work or any kind of period of restriction) or are retired.

It is not possible to work as a part-time lecturer on a fee basis.
According to the legal regulations and the current jurisdiction in Austria, lecturers and teachers who teach more than one semester hour, are considered lecturers and teachers liable to wage tax and social insurance (as they are not self-employed, § 25 EStG). Thus, part-time lecturers at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) are registered with the ÖGK (social insurance, for the duration of the semester (free employee under labor law, real employee under tax law).

Teaching assignments are thus exclusively given to natural persons. A commissioning of legal entities including partnerships is therefore legally excluded (cf. also VwGH 28. 3. 2012, 2009/08/0010). The agreed fee is therefore to be transferred exclusively to the account specified by the lecturer and held by a natural person.

As part-time lecturer you contribute your expertise and professional practical to your practice-oriented teaching. You are responsible for organizing the course, the examinations and administrative tasks.
Your qualifications are supported by a college or university degree in a relevant professional area of expertise, relevant work experience and joy of teaching and education. Didactic competence or teaching experience are also desirable as well as excellent knowledge of the English language.

On our other channels you can find more details about the diversity of our daily work or everyday life of students.



Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) appreciates the motivation and the great commitment of its employees and offers attractive and family-friendly conditions. We support you with a diverse training program and promote individual measures.
We offer an attractive working environment, modern ICT equipment, a crisis-proof workplace, flexible working hours and the option of a home office. The promotion of health, the wide range of sports facilities and the collegial atmosphere are particularly important at our university.


It is important for us to integrate new colleagues actively and well into the organization. The colleagues of your specific department as well as the HR management team will guide you through the first steps.

In order to meet the needs of the employer and the employees as best as possible, we offer a flexi time model, the possibility of home office or partial retirement.


As a university, lifelong learning is part of our basic framework and is encouraged. Not only students should develop, also our employees get supported in this case. Trainings can be discussed and planned in annual meetings with your superior.
Staff mobility" or "teaching mobility" at partner universities is another possibility that is offered.

Occupational health management is important for us. We offer the opportunity for seasonal vaccinations (spring and fall). A “CUAS health day” takes place once a year at campus Villach.

FH Carinthia Sport. Education moves!
Students, staff members and graduates who are sports enthusiasts and who want to do sport together - from recreational to professional sports - are in good hands at the “FH Kärnten” sports club.

For us at CUAS, a good work-life balance is important. Our employees can integrate the offers well into their everyday family and professional life.
CUAS also is certified as a "family-friendly university".

For us, it is important that our employees remain healthy and unharmed and are also protected in their daily work. Our safety specialist and our occupational physician are regularly on all of our campuses to ensure the best possible precautions.

Our crisis team also provides weekly information on the status of the pandemic and the current regulations at CUAS.

The topic of sustainability has been strategically anchored as a crucial part at our university. It focuses on the targeted interaction of ecological, social and economic factors. All our activities as a university aim at integrating ethical, moral and environmental aspects into our everyday life.

In addition to teaching and research, our core tasks also include contributing to the development of our society as a university. We therefore also see it as our task to promote and live the transfer of knowledge to and with society at all levels.

In the lecture series "#facetoface: personalities on campus", we therefore regularly invite people to our university who use their personal biography, life experience and expertise to shed light on current topics and present them to an interested public for discussion.

Research and development make an important contribution to transforming university knowledge into practical application solutions, and to promote cooperation between companies and universities.
The main areas of research are bundled across disciplines and subjects and dealt with thematically in 16 research groups and three research centers.

Since its inception, CUAS has focused on cultivating a cultural climate in which diversity and commonality, exchange and dialogue, inclusion and equal participation, also across disciplinary boundaries, play a major role. In 2005, the Equal Treatment Committee was established to help give momentum and direction to this endeavor.

In the Committee for Equal Treatment, employees from all study and service areas of the university work together and carry out well-founded gender and diversity work, which, also initiated by teaching and research, has an impact on the structures of CUAS.

The career model illustrates development opportunities for academic staff. Starting from the WIPA, a project assistant position during the Master's programme, it is possible to become a research assistant at the level of a junior researcher after graduation. The model shows the sequence of development steps and the necessary requirements for further qualification.

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Human Resources Management
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