Bachelor degree programs extended | part-time

Systems Engineering

next start 2021*

*Entry into the third semester in autumn 2020 possible for graduates of relevant HTLs.

Online Infosession am 30. Juni

Treffen Sie uns am 13. Juli ab 16.30 Uhr online und holen Sie sich alle Infos über unser FH extended Studienprogramm:


  • Präsentation der Studiengänge Maschinenbau und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
  • Quereinstieg bei Systems Engineering mit Testimonial aus Systems Engineering
  • Sonstiges: FH Add Ons, Bewerbung, Aufnahmeverfahren
  • Fragerunde

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Online-Infosession FH extended:

  • Study at the Villach + Campus in St. Stefan/Lavanttal
  • In 3 years to the Bachelor degree (part-time)
  • € 200 seed capital from the Lavanttal regional management
  • Study + Work programs possible

CUAS extended

Since the winter semester 2019/20, it has been easier for students from the Lavant Valley region to study "Engineering & IT" at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in the part-time organisational form.
The bachelor's degree program "Systems Engineering" started in the winter semester 2019/20, and from the coming winter semester 2020/21 two further programmes will be added, namely "Mechanical Engineering" and "Industrial Engineering.
EXTENDED means that

  • Selected courses are held in the premises of PMS Elektro- und Automationstechnik GmbH.
  • Some courses or parts of courses will be transmitted live via video conference from Villach to the provided premises of PMS Elektro- und Automationstechnik GmbH.
  • The remaining courses take place at the FH-Campus Villach, where the course is offered regularly, together with the "regular" group of part-time students.