Founder's garage – Gründergarage

You have a business idea & are on your way to independence?

Welcome to the "Gründergarage" of CUAS - exactly for you we were looking for!

The "Gründergarage" of CUAS is a service facility for prospective entrepreneurs on their way to self-employment. An experienced team with a broad network of experts supports you with personal coaching, constructive feedback and networking with experts within and outside the CUAS. The smart lab Carinthia, a high-tech prototyping laboratory, is available for technical start-up projects. Through regular events and long-term networking in the Carinthian start-up scene, our founders are integrated into a lively community of like-minded people.

  • Qualification & Coaching 
  • Infrastructure for prototyping & coworking 
  • Expert Network & Community 

smart lab Carinthia

Ideas need space, tools and committed people!

The smart lab Carinthia in Villach offers not only a spatial infrastructure, but also the necessary machines to realize your own ideas. We thus give you free access to production machines such as 3D printers and scanners, a laser cutter, a cutting plotter, a CNC milling machine, an electronic workstation and suitable design software. This allows you to realize your own ideas and to manufacture a wide variety of products according to individual requirements.

Innovation Workshop – Innovationswerkstatt

The Science and Energy Labs of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences were expanded. A high-quality innovation workshop was opened at the Villach location on the initiative of the Industrial Engineering and Management study program. In the newly adapted room, CUAS degree programs and external companies can draw on the knowledge of CUAS experts and achieve "Five steps to innovation".

The aim is to establish a unique contact point for innovation and technology management in Carinthia. In Carinthia's first innovation workshop, trend analyses will in future be carried out in workshops, ideas concepts developed, business models created and approaches to solutions developed on the basis of prototyping. "The development of innovative business models needs a professional environment, from high-quality technical equipment, process and methodological knowledge to professional moderation or support," explains initiator Erich Hartlieb. "At Carinthia Innovation Workshop we offer infrastructure and expertise together with innovation experts," summarizes Erich Hartlieb.

Develop innovation efficiently

The offer can be used not only by degree programs at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences but also by companies. The room offers a high-quality range of moderator equipment for creative processes. For evaluation and analysis, technology portals are available for research purposes, such as trend and patent data. For the professional production of prototypes, 3D printers, CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control; machine tools capable of automatically producing high-precision workpieces even for complex shapes), mechatronics equipment and test laboratories for materials testing, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics can also be used.


DI Dr. Erich Alois Hartlieb
Entrepeneurship Mastermind

+43  5 90500 2220

Mag.a Petra Hössl
Entrepeneurship Coordinator 

+43 5 90500 2429

DI Dr. Josef Tuppinger
Innovation Expert  

+43 5 90500 2224