Official signature

Secured publication of the trademark according to § 19 para. 3 Federal Act on Provisions Facilitating Electronic Communications with Public Bodies (E-Government Act – E-GovG)

Pursuant to § 19 para. 2 E-GovG, the official signature serves to facilitate recognition of the fact that a document originates from a public-sector controller. Pursuant to § 20 E-GovG, an electronic document printed on paper with an official signature is assumed to be authentic.

The documents officially produced electronically by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences have the official signature according to the following example:

Verification of officially signed electronic documents

The authenticity of officially signed electronic documents can be verified at

Verification of documents (printouts) pursuant to § 20 E-GovG

Verification of a document officially signed electronically (printout) pursuant to § 20 E-GovG shall mean confirmation that the document submitted actually originates from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS). The document to be verified must be available in its entirety (all pages), whereby a scan or a copy is sufficient. For the document to be reviewed, different transmission methods are possible:

  • By e-mail with scan as attachment to info[at]fh-kaernten[dot]at 
  • By mail to FH Kärnten - gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH, FH Kärnten Info Center, Europastraße 6a, 9524 Villach with the note "Signaturprüfung".
  • In person by prior appointment to info[at]fh-kaernten[dot]at

The entire document will be checked, including whether its content has been changed.


CUAS uses the following trademark for documents that are officially signed electronically: