CUAS International Relations Office supports all CUAS Schools and the institution as a whole in all international activities. Mainly in the development of international networks, exchange programs and support for students who want to experience internationality abroad or at home.

Additional to the International Relations Office there is an international coordinator at each CUAS school dealing with all relevant international issues. The international coordinator, CUAS International Relations Office as well as the rector form an International Committee. In regularly meetings they discuss the future implementation of the international strategic aims.


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Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement is an additional document that is provided upon completion of the university degree.  Its purpose is to inform potential employers and other institutions of higher education of the contents of the completed degree program’s curriculum, its progression and the academic and professional qualifications of the graduate.

This document should enhance the international transparency of the given degree as well as simplify the categorization and recognition of European higher educational degrees.  In addition to providing a professional evaluation of the graduates’ qualifications, the diploma supplement further supports graduates’ mobility and life-long learning.

  1. Information identifying the holder of the qualification
  2. Information identifying the qualification
  3. Information on the level of the qualification
  4. Information on the contents and results gained
  5. Information on the function of the qualification
  6. Additional information
  7. Certification of the supplement
  8. Information on the Austrian higher education system

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences provides all graduates with a diploma supplement in German and English when they graduate

Internationality @ CUAS in numbers

  • 120 Partner Higher Education Institution
  • 70 Outgoing Exchange Students per year
  • 50 Incoming Exchange Students per year
  • 8 Master Degree Programs in English
  • 1 Bachelor Degree Progam in English

The International Relations Office would like to support language and intercultural competences of the students. All students are invited to join our international social events. Invitations are send out on a regular basis via E-Mail, intranet or Facebook.


For general questions, please email us at: international[at]fh-kaernten[dot]at

Mgr. Mgr. Aleksandra Jama, MSc.
Head of the International Relations Office


Europastraße 4 
9524 Villach

Alexandra Maurer, MA
International Coordinator for Incoming Exchange Students

+43 5 90500 7042

Europastraße 4
9524 Villach

Martina Steiner, MA
International Coordinator for Outgoing Exchange Students

+43 5 90500 7043

Europastraße 4
9524 Villach

Denise Wornig, MSc MIA MA
Head of International and European Cooperation

+43 5 90 500 7041

Europastraße 4
9524 Villach

Melissa Pebayle, MSc
Internationale Koordinatorin

+43 5 90 500 7045

Europastraße 4
9524 Villach

Health Sciences & Social Work

Dipl.-Psych. Andrea Stitzel

+43 5 90500 4121

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Senior Lecturer
Lecturer of English

+43 5 90500 5124

Disability und Diversity Studies, Allied Health Professions and Midwifery rer. soc. oec. Christine Pichler
Senior Lecturer

+43 5 90500 3326

Management (Outgoing Exchange Students)

Janet Brown, MA MA
Senior Lecturer of English, International Coordinator

+43 5 90500 1207

Management (Incoming Exchange Students)

Mag. Georg Jeschke 

+43 5 90500 2426

Healthcare Management

FH-Prof. Magª. Sabine Spanz 

+43 5 90500 4112

Social Work

Dr. phil. Dominik Holzer, BSc MSc

+43 (0)5 90500 4233

Engineering & IT

Dr. Lisa-Marie Faller, BSc MSc
Professorship for robotics

+43 5 90500 2167