The UNESCO Chair´s brownbag session - ‘Have lunch with us’

Conservationists shall never eat alone. The UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Management of Conservation Areas at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences invites partners and friends to lunch. We meet virtually every Wednesday at lunchtime (12.15 CET) with our brown bags. Different representatives of grassroot initiatives, international organizations, and the scholarly world as well give a short impulse on nature conservation in the 21st century and contribute to our lunchtime discussion. The statements are recorded and made available for download far beyond lunchtime. If you would like to take part virtually in a brownbag session, please contact Lilia Schmalzl via e-mail l.schmalzlfh-kaerntenat

“How can we keep nature connected when planning transport infrastructure, Cristian?”
Presentation by Cristian-Remus Papp

“How to fight the devil’s tree, Jean-Marc?”
Presentation by Jean Marc Dufour-Dror

What is so exciting about a BRIM, Mike?
Presentation by Michael Huber
Video download

“What are the biggest threats for biodiversity loss in West Bank, Iman?“
Presentation by Iman Al-Hirsh

“What do students need to know about Science_Link, Alex and Selina?”
Presentation by Alexander Thamer and Selina Strasser

"What is the taste of a harvestman, Chri?”
Presentation by Christian Komposch

“How to play a Game of Clones, Anneliese?”
Presentation by Anneliese Fuchs

“What is a landscape-lab, Lilia and Thomas?”
Presentation by Lilia Schmalzl and Thomas Schauppenlehner

Book launch: Biosphäre 4.0
Presentation by Axel Borsdorf and Michael Jungmeier