Alpine Social Innovation Strategy

Run-TimeApril/2018 - April/2021
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Project management
  • Rahel Schomaker
  • Project staff
  • Dietmar Brodel
  • Vera Seyer
  • Corinna Maria Kudler
  • Manpreet BEDI
  • Jessica Pöcher
  • Christina Astrid Lobnig
  • Carina Födinger
  • Kathrin ZUPAN
  • ForschungsschwerpunktInternationale Beziehungen
  • Wirtschaft
  • ForschungsprogrammINTERREG Alpine Space
  • ÖROK - Österreichische Raumordnungskonferenz
  • The Alpine Social Innovation Strategy aims to initiate, develop and promote a new vision of social innovation in the Alpine space area, in order to propose answers to economic and societal challenges. ASIS will develop new tools and methodologies, an innovative platform, new strategic policies & recommendations to public actors through a white book and other materials.

    This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme.
    Amount and ERDF claim: 1.528.326,53€