There are different opportunities for financial support if you want to study abroad or work abroad.  Please read our information carefully, depending if you are a

  • Student of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
  • Incoming Exchange Student (students who are enrolled at their home institution and spend 1 or 2 semesters at CUAS)

For detailed information on scholarships we suggest studying the scholarship database of the Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education, Science and Research (OeAD), where lists and tips for various possibilities on how to receive financial support while studying abroad are given: www.grants.atAlso and offer a variety of possibilities.

  • Country of origin / nationality: European continent, South America
  • Destination country: Austria
  • Subject areas: Engineering, IT, Civil Engineering
  • Type of funding: Grant for the first year of study in the target country
  • Funding: Provided by other institutions
  • Target group: Graduates (Bachelor's degree holders, high potentials)
  • Funding providers: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, associations, and other institutions
  • Contingent: Four scholarships for the fall semester of 2024/25, commencing on October 1, 2024
  • Grant amount: EUR 8,400.00 for the first year of study (1st and 2nd semesters) per scholarship
  • Submission deadline: May 15, 2024

Submission office: Upon successful completion of the admission procedure at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences for the respective Master's degree program, please submit the following documents to the International Relations Office at international[at]fh-kaernten[dot]at:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Letter of application, providing a compelling explanation of why you should receive the scholarship
  • Letter of recommendation from supervisors, researchers, or other individuals who can attest to your performance.

Application instructions:

The TECH scholarship for Master's students targets talented Bachelor's students from Europe and South America who aspire to pursue a Master's degree at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. The scholarship comprises:

  • 1st and 2nd semesters: Monthly scholarship of EUR 700.00
  • 3rd and 4th semesters: Part-time employment (maximum 20 hours per week) in one of the partner companies
  • Commitment to work in one of the partner companies for 12 months post-graduation
  • Mandatory German course during the 1st and 2nd semesters


  • Applicants must neither reside in Austria nor hold Austrian nationality as per the call for applications.
  • Demonstrated excellence in Bachelor's degree results, research activities, and/or social engagement.

Obligations of Scholarship Holders:

  • Throughout the funding period, students must regularly provide updated certificates and evidence of academic performance without prompting. Failure to successfully complete the 1st semester results in forfeiture of entitlement to the scholarship for the 2nd semester.
  • In return, scholarship recipients commit to working in one of the partner companies for a minimum of twelve months upon completion of their studies.

CUAS students in technical studies who are planning a research project at a U.S. university can apply for the Marshall Plan scholarship. An internal committee decides which applicants will be nominated for the scholarship based on various criteria (scientific preparation, study progress and evaluation by the supervisor). Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applicants will be informed of their nomination via email by the International Relations Office. The final decision on awarding the scholarship lies with the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and is made in May and December. Depending on the length of stay and the research effort, the scholarship is granted in the amount of €4,000 to €10,000.

The research project must

  • last at least 3 months
  • take place in the academic year (summer holidays included)
  • take place at a U.S. university (can, but doesn’t have to be a partner university of CUAS)
  • be organized by the students themselves - a supervisor must be available
  • be completed with a research paper or documentary report of their research work paper (at least 7500 words (seminar/bachelor/master thesis possible))

More information at

If you have questions, please contact international[at]fh-kaernten[dot]at.

Industriellenvereinigung (Industrialist’s Association) and Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten (Chamber of Commerce Carinthia) award, in co-operation with prominent Carinthian corporations, Foreign Exchange Scholarships of Excellence worth EUR 10,000 each. This scholarship is, however, only available to Austrian national citizens. More Information can be found here.

Students with an Austrian nationality can get financial support for a semester abroad. Detailed information can be found here:

Students who have their main residence in carinthia can get financial support for a year abroad. Detailed information can be found here:

Students, who receive the Federal Aid, can apply for an additional aid if they study abroad. Detailed information can be found here:


Part-Time Students, can get an exemptions for 2 to 12 months by their employer and apply for an educational leave.
More information in German language are available here:


In special cases there is a possibility to get financial support from the relevant CUAS Degree Program for a semester or an internship abroad. Additional information can be found by administration or in Intranet. Please inform yourself about the guidelines for receiving the Studiengangsförderung from your study degree programme. If you already receive another grant the possibilityto receive the Studiengangsförderung is rather small. 

At you have the possibility to receive a "Carinthia scholarship for studies & research in foreign-language countries".


This scholarship is a semester or one-year grant and applies to exchange students mainly from Non-European countries.

The applicants need to be enrolled at their home institution. In order to apply for the grant students need a "Letter of Acceptance" issued by CUAS. Therefor students are asked to apply as Incoming Exchange Students via International Office. Please note it is required to absolve a minimum of 15 ECTS credits per Semester.

Ernst Mach Scholarship

Students from an US American university, who study a technical program and want to do a research project at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, can apply for the Marshall Plan grant.  Twice a year (October and March) is the call with detailed information and deadlines. Interested students can contact CUAS International Office: international[at]cuas[dot]at

A commission will decide if the applicant will be nominated for the grant. The decision will be made based on scientific content of the delivered proposal, study progress and evaluation of CUAS supervisor. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Successful candidates will be informed about their nomination for the grant via e-mail by CUAS International Office.

The final decision about the grant will be made by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and is expected in May and December.  The scholarship depends on the duration of stay and research subject and can vary from € 3,000 to € 6,000.

  • The research takes up a minimum of 3 month
  • The research placement must take place in the academic year (summer holidays can be included).
  • The US-American host university does not have to be a partner institution of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
  • Students are responsible for finding the supervisor and the organization of their research place at the host university.
  • At least 7500 Words (Bachelor/Master/PhD Thesis)