ETAT – Meeting in Thailand

BUU Tech Talk Event der Burapha Universität
ETAT Smart Lab Demonstrator: Roboter Fertigungsstrasse der KMUTNB Universität
ETAT Smart Lab Demonstrator: Smart Factory der Burapha University
BUU Tech Talk Event - Gruppenfoto
ETAT Smart Lab Demonstrator: Smart Facory der Burapha University

In November, the ETAT consortium held its face-to-face meeting at Burapha University in Bangsaen Beach, Thailand.

ETAT stands for "Education and Training for Automation 4.0 in Thailand”; the project has been running for three years between 14 lead partners and 7 institutions from Europe. The project leader of this consortium is Dr. Christian Madritsch, professor at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences in the field of study "Engineering & IT".

The aim of this consortium is to introduce European standards in Thailand in university teaching as well as in laboratory equipment in the field of automation technology.

In addition to the beautiful beach and Thai hospitality, the team of more than 30 had a very fruitful discussion and great results:  Partner-specific projects were presented at the BUU TechTalk 2022 x ETAT event, there were demonstrations of how PLCnext technology can be applied and used for various applications, as well as the conclusion of a cooperation and intensive collaboration within the EduNet Automation Education Network Worldwide. Thailand is supported by Europe in the further development of automation technology. Currently, the work is still done manually, but this is gradually changing in the direction of Automation 4.0.
The development of the curriculum in Thailand has also progressed so far that the first courses with new scripts and laboratory set-ups will now start in December. laboratory equipment, which have been expanded with demonstrators. In the near future, university courses in Thailand will also be opened up to industry so that their employees can receive further training.  

In conclusion, the ETAT meeting in Thailand was a very successful event - the next meeting will be held in Gijon, Spain.


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