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14 - 15 June 2022

Congress Center Villach

On June 14 and 15, 2022, the Austrian Robotics Workshop will take place at the CONGRESS CENTER VILLACH.
The Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW for short) has emerged as an annual series of events for Austrian robotics institutions to exchange thoughts and ideas. This workshop has been taking place since the beginning of the 21st century and is organized alternately by the individual robotics institutions in Austria, each time focusing on a different topic.

This year's Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW2022) is dedicated to the topic "Robotics for Assistance and in Healthcare" and was organized by the FH Kärnten, Dr. Lisa-Marie Faller, Professor of Robotics at the FH Kärnten. ARW 2022 is open to many facets of robotics and includes topics such as mobile copying, multi-robot coordination and artificial intelligence for sustainability.

During the workshops, students and young researchers from the individual institutions present their scientific work and thus enter into a lively exchange of ideas with the other researchers from the other robotics institutions. Industrial and service companies from the robotics field also present their current research questions as well as problems from industrial practice as part of real-world application contributions.


In order to support young researchers, "Best Paper Awards" have been awarded for years at the Austrian Robotics Workshop, both for the best student work and for the best research work. Thereby the attractiveness of the workshop series is further enhanced for junior staff.

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FH Professor Dr. Lisa-Marie Faller, BSc, MSc
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
+43 5 90500 2167
Europastrasse 4
9524 Villach