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Guillaume Chassagnon, Paris, FR; Michael Fuchsjäger, Graz, AT; Werner Leodolter, Graz, AT; Ana Jiménez, Valencia, ES; Bettina Bäßler, Würzburg, DE; Andreas Schütz, Wien, AT Online zugeschaltet (siehe Leinwand darüber): Ender Konukoglu, Zürich, CH; (Photo f.l.t.r.)
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The 3rd multi-professional AICI Forum for Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging was held at "Lakeside Spitz" Klagenfurt from November 5 - 6, 2021 with the following topic: Commercial AI solutions - to buy or not to buy?

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences though its Bachelor degree program in IT Medical Engineering and its Master degree program in "Health Care IT" is one of the partners of this forum.

An international panel discussion moderated by Werner Leodolter (Graz) addressed cutting-edge topics in artificial intelligence. The following is an excerpt of the most important results:

"AI software can help improve image quality, save radiation dose, make more accurate measurements, make the right differential diagnosis, and improve prognostic assessments. Increasingly, the development and commercialization of AI solutions is aimed at recognizing that the best outcome is achieved when humans and machines work together. The rapidly increasing number of images to be adjudicated by diagnostic physicians has been growing rapidly for years. AI software has the potential to help radiologists and pathologists manage the increasing workload. While ‘decision support’ means the opposite of personalized medicine, AI-assisted diagnostics is in line with another trend, that of precision medicine.”

For CUAS’s medical technology degree programs, this means that the development of artificial intelligence will have a lasting impact on medical technology and related research and education. One reason for this is the very broad spectrum of applications - from image generation to diagnosis and acceptance research.
The Master of Science program "Health Care IT" at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences has been revised in the direction of artificial intelligence and, thus, offers an optimal education - not only from a technical perspective, but also in the field of entrepreneurship with a focus on founding "start-ups".

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