Civil Engineering & Architecture

Ideas into practice.

Bachelor  |  Master  |  Further Education

Engineering & IT

Passion for technologies.

Bachelor  |  Master  |  Further Education


Creating value through management.

Bachelor  |  Master  |  Further Education


The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences offers researchers a wide range of support in the research and development sector as well as in the area of knowledge and technology transfer.


Center for Further Education

Through the CFE – Center for Further Education, the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, in addition to its teaching and research, sets a further focus on the area of training at a high scientific level in close cooperation with professional business partners both locally and internationally. 

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Cover der Einladung "creative@school"– ein Kreativtraining für Schüler*innen
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Engineering & IT
Industrial Engineering and Management


The industrial engineering program offers students a practical and application-oriented innovation workshop. (Further information in german)

Imagebild Health Research Award: Silber und Bronze für FH Kärnten
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Allgemeine News

Silver and bronze for CUAS

For the tenth time, the Austrian Network of University of Applied Sciences Degree Programs in Health Management and the Platform of the Health Care…

Imagebild mit dem Schriftzug: OPEN YOUR EYES for the #HeartofEurope MATILDE Photo Contest
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Photo contest within the project MATILDE - Online photo workshop to win!

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is one of 12 international project partners of the Horizon2020 - project MATILDE, which started last…

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Allgemeine News

Covid-19 updates

(Status: 09.06.2021) Safe on campus - Information about the planned relaxation steps from June 10th.

Imagefoto des Studiengangs Industrial Power Electronics
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Engineering & IT

Industrial Power Electronics at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences starting in fall 2021

New master's program accredited: Using energy more efficiently with power electronics (further information in german).

Foto der "Goldenen Unke" im Gras
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Nature Conservation Engineer
Goldene Unke

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences awards "The Golden Unke" for innovative, nature-oriented and nature-conserving construction projects in Carinthia

Identifying and highlighting innovations in nature conservation in construction projects is the goal of this award. The competition helps to recognize…

Das Cover der Einladung zur re!think Marketing Con zeigt die Illustration eines Elefanten, der auf einem Ast auf einem Baum sitzt und dem Horizont entgegensieht
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re!think Marketing Con 2021

How can companies efficiently use the possibilities and opportunities offered by social media? In the third part of the re!think series of events, the…


23. Jun


Beginn: 17:00
Ende: 19:00

2nd CiSMAT Webinar “Shape Memory Metals & Metamaterials”

Attendees will hear inspiring 20-minutes-lectures from industry experts and international researches.

24. Jun


Beginn: 16:00
Ende: 19:00

Master Session ONLINE

Informationen zu allen Master-Studien und Lehrgängen

29. Jun


Beginn: 17:00
Ende: 19:00

Digital Forest Twin

Die FH Kärnten als Kooperationspartner von Silicon Alps lädt herzlich zum 84. Digitaldialog aus der Veranstaltungsreihe des Silicon Alps Clusters ein.

30. Jun


Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 12:30

FASSADEN digital 06|21

Die FH Kärnten | Abteilung Bauingenieurwesen & Architektur und laden Sie herzlich zum 2. Schwerpunkttag „FASSADEN digital 06|21“ ein.

FH Kärnten zeigt Flagge im Pride Month

Jedes Jahr im Juni feiert die LGBTIQ+ Community den „Pride Month“.

Die Regenbogen-Fahne steht symbolisch für Respekt gegenüber vielfältigen Lebensentwürfen und unterschiedlichen (Geschlechts-)Identitäten. Unsere Hochschule bekennt sich zu Diversität und Gleichberechtigung und setzt durch dieses Symbol ein klares Zeichen für die Wertschätzung aller Menschen mit ihren unterschiedlichen sexuellen Orientierungen und Geschlechtsidentitäten.

25 years Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020. We as a university see it as our social responsibility to live sustainability in our daily university life and therefore all activities and events that will accompany us through the anniversary year will be under the topic of "sustainability".

8 reasons for studying at CUAS

We are well-known for our open and family-like atmosphere.  Our university places great value on the personal working relations between students, staff and faculty. Smaller working groups allow for more individual support and supervision.


We are an internationally oriented university.  The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences cooperates with more than 160 institutions of higher education worldwide. Open-minded and without borders, the CUAS is located at the intersection of three cultures in the Alps-Adriatic Region and is very close to Italy and Slovenia. We offer not only our Austrian but also our international students excellent conditions for a multilingual study.

The combination of academic studies and practical work experience ensures the quality of teaching and research.  This quality is enhanced and assured by our many international guest and part-time lecturers.  Partnerships with regional and international companies not only ensures a practice-oriented study programs, but also guarantee the exchange of scientific know-how.


Innovate degree programs that keep pace with a changing world have made the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences a prime location for sustainable research and development. Future-oriented topics in all of our areas of study play an important role in this.

Studying in Carinthia is fun!  Embedded between idyllic mountains, valleys and lakes, Carinthia offers a huge variety of sports and leisure opportunities year-round. The picturesque Carinthian landscape ensures an exceptionally high quality of life for you during your studies.

In addition to your studies, young and dynamic networks provide perfect opportunities to gain a foothold in the start-up sector.  So-called ‘Think Labs’, start-up centers, attractive innovation workshops and many events bring Carinthia University of Applied Sciences students together with entrepreneurs from the region and enable them to network early in order to form joint future projects.

Where and more importantly what students would like to study should be carefully considered.  The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences makes this choice much easier. Here potential students will find the unique combination of a wide range of exciting and practice-oriented degree programs as well as a quality of life that is hard to match.


Studying while working is the key to a personal career planning. As a part-time student at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, your curriculum is organized in such a way that your studies and your job are reconciled with one another


Our Campuses

Campus Feldkirchen

Hauptplatz 12
9560 Feldkirchen i. K., Austria
+43 5 90500 4101

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Health Sciences & Social Work

Campus Klagenfurt – Primoschgasse

Primoschgasse 8-10 
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
+43 5 90500 3301

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Campus Klagenfurt – St. Veiterstraße

St. Veiterstraße 47 
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
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Campus Spittal

Villacher Straße 1
9800 Spittal a.d. Drau, Austria
+43 5 90500 5101

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CUAS partners

Research partners

Based upon our longstanding research tradition, we have a distinctive profile when compared with other universities.

Business partners

Our business partners appreciate the excellent technical and economic education that we provide in addition to our practice orientation.


Our intensive school network enables us to provide information and consultation about educational opportunities at an early stage.


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