Exploiting data collections

The continuing trend towards the digitalization of work processes and the immense amount of data to be processed are subjects of current business practice. Companies have collected large amounts of data in recent years and are now faced with the challenge of exploiting these data collections and generating added value for their business areas. They are looking for qualified data scientists who can generate relevant information from large amounts of data and derive recommendations from the processed data.

Becoming a data scientist

A data scientist is expected to be familiar with the entire data value chain. Therefore, graduates of the Master of Science degree program have a practical as well as theoretical understanding in all of the following areas:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data transmission
  • Data storage
  • Data evaluation
  • Data visualization
  • Legal and ethical frameworks

Moreover, graduates can use their acquired professional and methodological competence to pursue a further scientific specialization in the form of a PhD at a technical university.

Application deadline

For Winterterm 2021 the following Application Deadlines are opened:

I:    01.11.-15.03.2021
II:   16.03.-15.05.2021
III:  16.05.-15.07.2021
IV:  16.07.-30.09.2021

For applicants from outside Europe:
Due to visa and legalization processing we accept applications only from period I & II

Study start

October 2021 (subject to approval by the responsible bodies)

Teaching time

Wednesday & Thursday 16:50 h
Friday 13:30 h
2 Saturdays per month & 5 days during the week per semester


Outdoor consultations
15-19 h at the CUAS sites

Master-Session Online 
16 - 19 h

Info Abend Online
17 - 20 h 

2. Tuesday per month via Videocall

individuelle Terminvereinbarung unter 05905007700 oder infofh-kaerntenat

Further information

Bachelor Degree with a Minimum of:

- Computes Science Basics and Programming (10 ECTS)

- Mathematics / Statistics / Algorithmics (10 ECTS)

- Data Management / Databases / Data Structures (5 ECTS)



If you have any questions feel free to contact:



Head of Degree Program



Level of qualification
ECTS credits
Tuition fees
€ 363.36 / semester
Qualification awarded
  • Master of Science in Engineering
Duration of study
4 semester
ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee
€ 20.70 / semester
Language of instruction
FH campus
  • Villach

General Study Information









Profile of the Study Program

The newly developed master’s degree program trains future data scientist for a variety of promising career paths in different business areas. There is a great need for experts that are familiar with the entire data value chain, from the acquisition of data, to the extraction of information, and finally the generation and representation of knowledge.

The technical-methodological skills acquired during the program allow the students to identify problems in the acquisition of (sensor) data as well as the transmission of these data and enable them to make a fundamental assessment with regard to the quality of the acquired data. A main focus is on the techniques of storing large, heterogeneous data in order to enable a subsequent valid and timely evaluation using models of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Modern methods of visualization are part of the curriculum to communicate the results and derive recommendations for action.
Graduates of the master’s degree program "Applied Data Science" can use their acquired professional and methodological competence to pursue a further scientific specialization in the form of a PhD at a technical university.

Data science is an incredibly fascinating field of applied sciences. The prerequisite for attending the master's degree program is a completed technical bachelor's or diploma degree from the FH Kärnten or an equivalent program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.
What students should bring to their studies:

  • 10 ECTS in Computer Science Basics and Programming
  • 10 ECTS in Mathematics, Statistics, and Algorithmics
  • 5 ECTS in Data Management, Databases, and Data Structures (FH Kärnten offers a bridge course during summer)A fundamental interest in topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • A personality who enjoys discovering innovative and creative solutions.
  • Solid mathematical knowledge and basic programming skills.
  • Basic knowledge of databases and data management.
  • Good language and communication skills.

Graduates of the master’s degree program “Applied Data Science” are able to:

  • work on concrete tasks in a problem-solving manner,
  • recognize the interrelationships of data analysis on large amounts of data on the technology, system, and application level,
  • •apply mathematical, statistical and computer science knowledge,
  • estimate the limits of the state-of-the art procedures, methods and models,
  • design, develop and implement systems for the analysis of large amounts of data
  • professionally carrying out projects with respect to development, implementation and application,
  • reflect, analyze and further develop the basic knowledge acquired during the program,
  • apply the basics and methods of scientific work.

Current courses - Applied Data Science

LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Data Source & Data Quality ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.031
Information& Probability Theory ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.011
Introduction to Machine Learning ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.051
Project (I) Prerequisites and Project Domains ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.081
Statistics ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.021
Unsupervised Learning ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.061
LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning (I) ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.131
Data Architecture and Database Technologies (I) ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.111
Data Engineering ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.041
Data Visualization (I) ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.171
Project (II) Frameworks and Concept Study ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.091
Supervised Learning ILV 3,5 5,0 M2.08760.11.071

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Job & Career

Graduates of the Master of Science degree program “Applied Data Science” are highly educated specialists with exciting career opportunities in different fields of work. The leading employers for data scientists are typically from the following areas:

  • Public and private research institutions
  • Banks
  • Manufacturers
  • Large retailers
  • E-commerce companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Public and private transport companies
  • Marketing departments/agencies

The successful completion of the master program Applied Data Science in turn qualifies the graduate to undertake a doctorate.


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