Zhang Chi, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(graduated in 2009)
Researcher and Trainer

"As an IBM student, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge on legal issues, the global economy, and specifics of doing business in South East and Central Europe and the EU.

Being an international student from Eastern culture, I have experienced different cultures through my colleagues, as well as a beautiful natural environments and landscapes in Carinthia.

Originally coming from a technical background, the IBM has opened a new way of thinking from a business perspective to me. As the father of three children (two  during my study period) and a full time employee, I have experienced a hard, however impressive and enjoyable time.

Continuing my research work in integrated systems and the area in circuits design with the intercultural experiences and the knowledge accumulated in the IBM program, I was invited to do trainings and workshops on intercultural awareness for renowned companies such IBM in Germany, Windtec, FACC, or WKO. A single proprietorship will be started soon, and I am interested in the cultural activities and business between Europe and Asia. Without the IBM program, I would not have begun all these new challenges."