Romana Mrkalj, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(Graduated in 2019)

Senior Consultant in the Field of Supply Chain & Operations at Ernst & Young Management Consulting GmbH, Vienna


Why studying International Business Management at CUAS?

International Business Management is the right study program if you wish to increase your understanding of global markets and the interconnection between various regions of the world. As the globalization continuously grows demand for individuals who understand the global context in business, the IBM program will equip you with the proper skills to meet those requirements. You will learn about diverse cultures, societies, technologies, economics, politics and legal practices and you will be challenged to change perspectives when solving issues. Such skills are highly valued by employers. The program is highly practice-oriented, with real-life case studies addressing global challenges businesses face – considering global boundaries, global economics, trade and negotiation approaches with different cultures. This program offers also the opportunity to specialize in the fields of International Marketing, International Human Resource Management or International Finance, while experiencing a general business education in an international context. One thing I valued the most while studying International Business Management was the bonus benefit of gaining intercultural competence on the fly. With students from all over the world all joint projects are delivered in a truly international team, where you have to handle different values, manners, habits, etc. Intercultural competence is a crucial skill-set in today’s global workplace, where employees are more likely to interact with colleagues or customers from different cultures and countries and need to work productively with people who have been shaped by different values, beliefs and experiences.