Robotics expert makes everyday life easier for patients with prostheses from 3D printers

Lisa-Maria Faller
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Engineering & IT

Lisa-Maria Faller (35) is a professor for robotics and additive manufacturing in the "Engineering & IT" field of study at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

Among other things, she deals with materials research, the development of sensor technology and the possibilities of sustainable use of 3D printing.
The press reported on how she wants to use the possibilities of technology for the benefit of people and make everyday life easier for those affected with prostheses from the 3D printer. She talks about a "smart" leg replacement that automatically adapts.

To the report in "Die Presse".  

Her research on the "iLEAD" project was presented at an international symposium this year.


Dr. Lisa Faller, BSc, MSc
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Institute “Engineering & IT”
+43 5 90500 2167
Europastraße 4
9524 Villach

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