Publication Handbook Nature Conservation Engineer

Handbuch Naturschutzfachkraft
Fotocredit: Helge Bauer Authors from left to right: Schneider Martin, Wiegele Elisabeth, Jungmeier Michael
Handbuch Naturschutzfachkraft
Fotocredit:Helge Bauer Picture of all authors who joined the book presentation
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Center for Further Education
Management of Conservation Areas

Practical nature conservation for construction sites, business sites and infrastructures.

In the backdrop of the CUAS construction laboratory, a celebration for the publication of the Handbook Nature Conservation Engineer was held with the authors, nature conservation engineers, and the interested public. Editors Michael Jungmeier, Martin Schneider, and Elisabeth Wiegele are pleased that together with 57 authors, a very comprehensive reference work for the interface between nature conservation and the construction industry has been created. See the citation below (in German).


Wiegele, E., Jungmeier, M. & Schneider, M. 2022 (in print): Handbuch Naturschutzfachkraft. Praktischer Naturschutz für Baustellen, Betriebsgelände und Infrastrukturen. Fraunhofer IRB Verlag.