Nina Feiersinger, FERCAM Austria GmbH


„As a leading transport company, we are glad to have a solid partnership with CUAS. Our collaboration with the Intercultural Management (ICM) students is proof of a harmonious and mutually beneficial alliance in which we share invaluable insights and knowledge.

At our office in Seeboden/Spittal, we are very proud of our diverse team of talented young people, currently numbering around 40.  We are particularly pleased to have 11 graduates and 2 students from Carinthia  University of Applied Sciences as part of our dynamic workforce. Our association with this university is a source of great gratitude and enthusiasm for us. We value the opportunity to work closely with these exceptional individuals whose expertise and dedication have contributed to our shared success.

In the future, we plan not only to continue but to strengthen this partnership. We also look forward to working with students on projects that will give them an insight into the international workplace.“   

Nina Feiersinger
FERCAM Austria GmbH, Human Resources | Specialist