New Project with Intercultural Management students: Erasmus Student Network (ESN) for Villach.


This semester a group of outgoing students from the Intercultural Management Program ICM is working on a new project with the Internationalization Commission of our School of Management, Ms. Mélissa Pebayle, as a part of their experiential project management journey.

The goal of the project is to conduct a feasibility study and start the process for setting up an Erasmus Student Network (ESN - Section at CUAS, starting with the School of Management. ICM students who are working on the project are currently on their exchange semester in Germany, where they collect data and best practices from host universities and German students with existing ESN networks, with the goal to establish a network section in Carinthia. ESN’s mission is to strengthen the integration of internationals into the local contexts, focusing on the development of communities, and to offer local students the possibility to internationalize themselves.  

We are very happy that project management courses are implemented in a practical way within CUAS, aligning the overall international vision of the University with the interests and capacities of international students.