Jeff Betzen – Luxembourg, Class of 2018

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International Business Management

As I already did my bachelor´s degree at CUAS, it became clear that I want to become part of that master´s program after I heard about it.

The International Business Management master´s program does not only focus on theory but is also strongly focused on a practical orientation. Students get the chance to apply the learnt theory in different practical approaches, from written case studies and group work to real-life cases with real companies.
It is always surprising how highly qualified and how passionate the lecturers and the guest lecturers are. Their knowledge, their passion for their topic and for teaching is really inspiring and motivating. What really makes the program unique from a social point of view are the students. Students from all over the world are part of the International Business Management program and this not only gives you the opportunity to build up new friendships but also to learn about other nations, cultures and values. The quality, the practical orientation, the students, CUAS itself and of course the city of Villach ‒ all of this together makes this program unique and amazing. I am happy that I got the chance to be a part of this unforgettable and instructive experience, which I can recommend to everyone.