Heimo Schaflechner (CUAS)

Photo Heimo Schaflechner
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International Student Testimonials

Outgoing Exchange Student to Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

School of Management

Spring semester 2020

The International Relations Office provided us with all the information we needed, academical and non-academical. We got to know all the other exchange students through some planned programs and could also bond with our coordinators throughout our whole stay. We experienced the South African’s as very friendly and helpful people but the staff responsible for the exchange students stood out of the crowd by being even more friendly and carrying.

I have learned how to deal with completely new situations by just being myself and being authentic. The more you are trying to fit in and trying to force something, the opposite is more likely to happen. Adapting to a whole different culture and environment does not mean you have to forget everything you have learned so far, it means you just have to let things happen around you and your empathy will do the rest.

The teaching style can differ in many ways, but in the end, it is about how you can reach the students. I experienced a more interactive and louder form of teaching which I was not used to. A few weeks later, I was able to observe the necessary information out of the discussions and today I especially miss this part of the lectures at home.
I would say that it is sometimes necessary to get out of your comfort zone. Even though you are not 100 percent sure in the beginning, you will always regret the missed opportunity at a point later in your life. Even if you are not able to stay there for a long time (like it was in my case), lifetime memories can be made you will always cherish. Of course, every beginning is a bit tricky. Truth is, there is one point at your duration of stay when you realize this is not just another vacation–you will be writing a chapter of your life there –that is where the fun begins.