Giuseppe Piccolruaz

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Alumniprofile Maschinenbau

Giuseppe Piccolruaz decided to study mechanical engineering with a specialisation in power engineering at the Villach Campus.

The choice of studies many years ago was not difficult for the native South Tyrolean. "After graduating from a technical secondary school specialising in mechanical engineering in Bruneck/Italy, I felt a desire to delve further into this interesting and wide-ranging subject area. The summer internships I completed in this area taught me how important it is to have a practical connection. It was then clear to me that studying at FH-Kärnten was the right thing to do!"

Piccolruaz decided to study mechanical engineering with a specialisation in power engineering at the Villach campus. He wrote his Bachelor's thesis on carrying out measurements and working out proposed solutions for reducing the flue gases of a biomass stove. He also completed a 15-week internship at the company BIOVAP GmbH.

After graduating, Piccolruaz worked as a project manager in a locksmith's shop. But the field of research and development did not let go of the passionate outdoorsman. This enthusiasm led the engineer to the Demaclenko company. It was here that Piccolruaz experienced a great "aha" effect. At his new employer, he was able to perfectly apply the knowledge he had learned at the university of applied sciences in practice. "When I started in research and development at Demaclenko, the importance of the connection to practice was confirmed to me once again," he says. The company DEMACLENKO projects, develops, produces and sells turnkey snowmaking systems and system components.

"Snow production is an extremely extensive field that depends on many factors. Theory and practice do not always go together. Sometimes the only way to achieve the goal is with practical trials. That's where the knowledge acquired through the lectures, which are mainly practically oriented, comes in handy!", he still appreciates the education at the UAS today. Although not everything was always easy for him.

Especially with regard to the German language, there were certain teething problems in the scientific papers at the beginning of his studies, but they were always solved quickly with the help of his fellow students. Giuseppe Piccolruaz looks back on a wonderful time studying at Carinthia UAS. He can only warmly recommend studying at the FH Carinthia: You get a good overview of the everyday work of an engineer later on. The various courses prepare you very well for this and you can start directly after graduation!