Gašper Stanonik – Slovenia, Class of 2019

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International Business Management

I made the decision to pursue my studies at CUAS after completing my bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and later one year of professional work in the private sector.

I knew IBM in Villach would be a second-to-none opportunity because their primary focus is on the CEE/SEE region. During my studies, FH Kärnten provided many guest lecturers from businesses in Carinthia.  Whilst often at times the part-time professors spoke of their personal experiences as well as within their individual entrepreneurial backgrounds, also in relation to Slovenia. I was surprised how this program differs with the professional know-how compared to the more academic environment at many other universities that I have studied before as an exchange student. There are multiple benefits at FH Kärnten such as small groups of around thirty students; friendly and supportive professors; very well delivered digital classes during Covid-19 pandemic; the environment is super friendly and very well culturally integrated with many international students from all over the world, within the cosy country town of Villach! There are unlimited activities for outdoor lovers to relax before or after studying at CUAS.
It is an exceptionally stimulating environment and I would absolutely recommend studying IBM program!