Esin Gjeta (Albania)

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International Student Testimonials

Incoming Exchange Student at CUAS

School of Engineering & IT

Spring semester 2020

This was the first time that I was studying abroad, and I had many expectations for the place I was going to stay in the next five following months. I arrived at Villach on March 24. In these first four days, I had before the school would start; I got myself set up in my student room and got to know my roommates. Additionally, I got to know a little bit about the city around, by having some walks around.

In addition, CUAS organized a trip to Dobratsch for everyone to get to know each other and create new friendships. The food at the restaurant was very good and the conversations and the environment were so lovely.

Unfortunately, two weeks after the start of the semester, the Covid-19 virus spread made us quarantine ourselves and put everything on hold. Of course, the courses continued online which was another new experience for me on top of studying in a foreign country in a second language. However, I must say I learned a lot and the experience will be very helpful in the future. During classes, I learned a lot and the teachers were very helpful at teaching us in the best way according to the difficult circumstances.
By the beginning of the month of July, the classes ended, I finished my studies and had more time to spend outside. I explored the city and had the last walks and visits before returning to my home country at the end of the month.

I enjoyed my rides with the bike that the school provided me, and I was able to see many places and great views of the nature. I have to say that these five months have been a completely new and different experience, accompanied with challenges and great moments shared with new friends, with whom I will stay in touch. I experienced for the first time living alone and I became a good cook, something that I did not try before. I will remember these five months for a long time and put into practice all the stuff I learned during this time.