DI Patrick Hartl, BSc

Foto von DI Patrick Hartl, BSc

A vocational course of study offers the ideal opportunity to combine acquired practical knowledge with the theoretical. This was also the reason why I enrolled in the university. However, due to the spread out course times, I was not able to realise my plan. Then, while looking for alternatives, I came across the offer of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Klagenfurt, where regulated times also made it possible to study while working.

However, since attendance alone is not sufficient for success, my professional environment, where independent work and organisational skills are in demand, suited my studies. But with all my plans, I couldn’t do without time for my personal life, for switching off and recharging my batteries. Study groups were the optimal preparation for exams in our year. This made it easier to understand the material and the exams were easier to cope with!