Chris Annette Pineda Aguirre – Mexico, Class of 2019

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

The IBM programme in Villach, Austria has been one of the most relevant experiences in my life! Couldn’t be happier about choosing to be here and be part of such an international and brilliant group.

The programme offers a large number of courses that adjust to our personal interests, such as culture, diversity, human resources, finance and even entrepreneurship. I tremendously enjoyed getting to know so many people with different backgrounds, that made my experience even richer, creating awareness about other countries and it definitely shapes us to be leaders in a multicultural environment.
My favourite part of the degree was sharing so many insights and experiences with classmates and teachers, having open talks about different topics, and learning a new language. Trips, excursions and get togethers were not missing, unfortunately we were the first ones to migrate to an online environment due to COVID outbreak in early spring 2020, everybody participated proactively and we quickly made it to the new scenario, making it easier and we made it through the programme just in time.
I´ve been working full time during the degree as well, which is challenging but not impossible. Villach being a place surrounded by nature, allows you to enjoy time outdoors whenever through the year. Austria is a wonderful country to enjoy all seasons to its fullest, from the start till the end of the year.
This a huge milestone for everybody who participated in the programme, and I´m confident we all developed a set of skills that will lead us to have successful professional lives.
All the best to those who are about to choose this journey!