Challenge of CUAS – 5G Playground Carinthia wins at GigaLab 2023

Gigabit Academy (c) Valerie Marie Voithofer

The GigaLab event, organized by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, took place in Vienna from 21 to 22 November. This is a kind of hackathon in which various challenges are worked on.

These challenges each require the solution of different problems using modern technologies, such as 5G, AI and edge computing: how to coordinate emergency services and drones remotely for different use cases with the help of technologies such as 5G, AI and edge computing. 

The best five teams were allowed to pitch their solution at the "future forward" event and had the opportunity to win up to €5,000. 

This included the team from the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia, which submitted for the 5G Playground. It consisted of Dr. Helmut Wöllik, professor at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, mentor Dr. Christoph Uran with students from the Bachelor degree program "Network and Communication Technology" Markus Hüttner and Kseniia Vekshina, as well as students from the Master degree program "Communication Engineering" Sandro Herzog and Philipp Jeschofnik on their way to take part. The University of Applied Sciences Carinthia team hosted their challenge as part of the 5G Playground Carinthia.

Content of the challenge  

Christoph Uran's team chose the use case of large events (e.g. concerts). In their 2-minute pitch, they showed that such events can be made safer, more efficient and more entertaining through AI-supported live coordination of drones and emergency services on the ground. A combination of public and dedicated 5G networks provides the necessary connectivity. Despite the AI support, the final decisions are always made by the appropriately trained operational commanders, who collect all the data and evaluate it locally in the edge cloud.

The expert jury consisting of Henrietta Egerth (Managing Director FFG), Mariana Kühnel (Deputy Secretary General WKÖ), Birgit Horeiter (Director i2c @ TU Vienna) and Andreas Reichhardt (Head of Section in the Ministry of Finance as a representative of State Secretary Tursky) was very enthusiastic about the team's ideas and the preparation of the topic and awarded 1st place.

The University of Applied Sciences Carinthia congratulates the team of Helmut Wöllik and Christoph Uran on winning the GigaLab 2023 event!

Once again, it has been proven that excellent research is being carried out at the 5G Playground Carinthia, which is also highly recognized throughout Austria!


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Photocredits: Gigabit Academy (c) Valerie Marie Voithofer