Carina Lechner, MA

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International Business Management - Master CUAS

(Graduated in 2018)

Salesforce Consulting at Deloitte Digital Austria


After my bachelor’s study, I was researching for a suitable master’s program across Europe. In addition to the clear international focus and the mixed group of people from different nationalities, CUAS mainly stands out with its focus on intercultural competences and the CEE/SEE region. I also loved the possibility to learn another language.

Thanks to the job-friendly schedule, I was able to handle a part time job and work in project management for European research projects beside my studies. This gave me the opportunity to gain additional work experience.

Sometimes workload was intense, with challenging group projects and individual tasks, but this certainly prepared me for my future career. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone and think out-of-the-box, adapt to uncommon or even uncomfortable situations and become more flexible, which is essential in my job in consulting.

Looking back, I can definitely recommend studying at CUAS if you are seeking for a program that fosters your personal and professional development and prepares you for an international career, especially in the CEE/SEE region.