BioMONITec – a playground for testing classic and high-tech tools

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Center for Further Education
Management of Conservation Areas

The COIN project BioMONITec focuses on the comprehensive screening of classic and novel biodiversity technologies and tools that are already available or under development.

The tools will be organised in thematic e-toolkits and provided for online use (‘online catalogues’), primarily for protected area managers. In parallel, a globally applicable guideline (MoniGloG) for biodiversity monitoring in protected areas and an online configurator (MoniConfig) – a checklist – are in progress to support conservation practitioners in setting up appropriate monitoring schemes in the future.

Three  current high school students with an interest in biology, analytical chemistry, digitalization, informatics, communication and media design are taking part in our pilot study at Lendspitz-Maiernigg. They will test monitoring tools for terrain, soil moisture and temperature measurement, soil analysis, water level measuring devices and camera traps. They will also check out apps for species identification such as iNaturalist, Flora Incognita and BirdNet. Based on surveys and maps generated in GIS, they will assist in identification of emerging neophyte populations and their removal. As part of this pilot study, the trainees will be introduced to nature conservation workflows and practices.

Financed by: FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency