English 1 - Group I (SE)


Course lecturer:


 Alexandra Rieser
Course numberB2.00000.11.071
Course codeEng1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction English

Students improve and extend their English skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing about basic concepts and necessary functionalities in mechanical engineering. They understand and use basic terms to describe, classify or define structure (s), relationships and processes.
They are able to browse, evaluate and select resources available for discussion and short written contributions to study-related topics (in the library and online).
Students develop a self-understanding to interact with others in English.

English-Matura (school leaving examination/ minimum Level B2 CEF)

Reading and listening strategies, as well as written summarizing and recording of information from discussions and presentations on topics in the field of mechanical engineering.
Text structure, grammar and vocabulary for formulating definitions, classifications and descriptions of basic
concepts, structure (s), relationships and processes.
Technical terms and topic-relevant keywords, as well as the connotations of these in the text.
Review of grammar and vocabulary depending on the students' prior knowledge (eg sentence structure, tenses, use of prepositions).

Eric H. Glendinning (2007) Technology 1stOxford English for careers.
Student's book. Oxford New York: Oxford University Press
Eric H. Glendinning (2008) Technology 2.Oxford English for careers.
Student's book. Oxford New York: Oxford University Press
Bloomfield Louis (2008) How Everything works. USA: John Wiley &sons,
Inc. (FH library)

Workshops with reading / listening tasks
Single / group presentations and discussions
Individual writing tasks
Language Practice for self-assessment of students regarding
Grammar and vocabulary
Feedback from the lecturer and fellow students

Active participation in class (contributions to discussions, assignments, self-study / self-assessment tests) Oral reports in the form of presentations (in groups or individually)
Short written tasks