Structural Concrete 2 (ILV)


Course lecturer:

FH-Prof. DI Dr.

 Norbert Randl



 Martin Steiner , BSc

Course numberB1.05940.60.625
Course codeBetb2
Semester of degree program Semester 6
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,0
Language of instruction German

The students are able to design typical slab members, considering material-related specifics of RC-structures. Likewise design and detailing of deep beams is performed on the basis of the strut-and-tie method. Node regions and zones with concentrated loads are covered as well. Finally, an understanding for detailing and design of whole building structures is given.

Construction Materials 1,2; Construction Mechanics 1,2; Structural Analysis 1, Structural Concrete 1

Design of typical slab members

Deep beams and walls

Strut-and-tie models

Typical nodes and discontinuity regions

Design and reinforcement layout of RC slabs, deep beams and discon-tinuity regions

Zilch, Zehetmaier: Bemessung im konstruktiven Betonbau

König / Tue: Grundlagen des Stahlbetonbaus

Fritsche, Blasy: Bewehrungsatlas

Franz: Konstruktionslehre des Stahlbetonbaus

Leonhard: Vorlesungen über Massivbau

Valentin, Potucek, Kidery, Fritze: Stahlbetonbau

Lohmeyer: Stahlbetonbau


Integrated course consisting of lecture and exercises

Written examination and class room performance