Public Relations Work for Projects and Social Institutions (SE)


Course lecturer:

FH-Prof. Dr.

 Helmut Richard Arnold



 Christian Eile , M.S.M. BSc
Course numberM3.0607.20.030
Course codeÖPSE
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

Students know the aims and methods of public relations as well as their suitability and effectiveness for Social Work. They reflect how Social Work issues or their own projects are professionally communicated to the public and can identify the possibilities and limitations of individual methods.
Students, in small groups, are able in to agree on their own real or fictional project, prepare this effectively for the public and choose appropriate media channels for a presentation.

The course is designed in a "two track" way. In the first step, publically relevant "performances" of exposed Austrian social organisations are reviewed in relevant media (websites, annual reports, etc.), are revised, and with a specially created analysis-grid are evaluated and presented. Here, it is necessary to filter out the profile building features of the investigated institutions. Specialised literature serves as reassurance. With this background, students develop access to the rules of public relations work and gain sensitivity for the effect mechanisms of messages in the public sphere, in order to, in the second step, create an effective public relations-orientated presentation for their own project.

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Presentations (50%), written report (25%), oral participation incl. peer feedback (25%)