Additive Fertigung (ILV)


Course lecturer:

Mag. DI Dr.

 Bernhard Heiden , MBA



 Reinhard Tober

Specialization AreaFertigungstechnik
Course numberB2.00000.40.120
Course codeAddFert
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,5
Language of instruction German

Students can
• name and explain the various additives manufacturing processes, principles and essential components
• They can
mathematically model and produce simple geometries.
They are able to
• identify the respective advantages and disadvantages as well as the corresponding fields of application,
• They are able to scan 3D models
• They can prepare them for 3D printing
• They can produce 3D printing parts with a CAD-CAM interface according to manufacturing aspects with selected machines

B2.00000.30.100 - Production machinery
B2.00000.20.150 - CAD
B2.06060.20.080 - Mathematical Modeling and Parameterization
B2.00000.20.190 Measurement and sensor technology1

Currently valid additive manufacturing processes
• Theory
o Laser technology for manufacturing processes
o Scanning methods
o 3D printing materials
o 3D printing specific metrology
o 3D printing in the industrial sectors
o Applications
o Profitability calculation of 3D printing
o Suitable 3D printing process selection
o 3D printing for further development
o Modeling 3D printing with selected program systems
o CAD-CAM interface theory and application
o CNC technology for additive manufacturing
o Automation technology in additive manufacturing processes
o Workflow in the manufacturing process of additive manufacturing processes
o Quality measuring methods for additive manufacturing
• Practical exercises:
o Quality measurement of additive manufacturing models (3D printed parts)
o Scanning process of 3D models
o Data processing of 3D scan data
o Data modeling of scan data for preparation in additive manufacturing (3D printing)
o Implementation of additive manufacturing and
o Implementing additive manufacturing using CAD-CAM methods for workpiece creation

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Integrated course (ILV)