Chemie (ILV)


Course lecturer:

Mag. Dr.

 Martin Kohlmayr
Course numberB2.00000.10.040
Course codeChemie
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,5
Language of instruction German

Students are able to
• assess chemical hazards (sources) and behave accordingly.
They know about
• the basics of chemistry
They can
• actively and passively follow chemistry-related topics (in the professional environment as well as in other courses, eg Materials Science, Corrosion & Corrosion Protection, Batteries and Accumulators, etc.). (Ideally, even simpler chemical calculations should be carried out independently.)

An introduction to the basics of chemistry, with a focus on physical chemistry and basic stoichiometry:
• Basic Terms & Chemical Sign Language
• Physical states and state changes
• Fundamentals of inorganic nomenclature
• Basics of stoichiometry (chemical computing)
• Chemical equilibria
• Basics of reaction kinetics and catalysis
• Acids, bases and buffers
• Oxidation states and redox reactions
• Basics of electrochemistry
• Electrochemical energy storage
• Corrosion and corrosion protection
• Basics of toxicology and safe working with chemicals

J. Hoinkis, E. Lindner, Chemistry für Ingenieure, Verlag Wiley-VCH
C. Mortimer, Chemistry - Das Basiswissen der Chemistry, Verlag Thieme

Integrated course (ILV)