English: Current Trend Analysis (ILV)

Course numberB4.06360.30.041
Course codeENG:CTA
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,0
Language of instruction English

After successful completion of the course, students:

  • Can present and analyze current global trends (written and oral) using English vocabulary
  • Refer to numerical and graphical representation of data
  • Understand the main ideas of current economic topics
  • Develop listening and reading strategies to identify specific information from a variety of textual styles and genres related to their field of study and personal interest

  • Representation of a diagram and description of its cause and effect
  • Expression and representation of forecasts
  • Comparison of diagrams
  • Trends and developments in the economy

Authentic materials will be provided by the lecturer and made available and adapted to student needs.
Recommended reading and reference works:
Bailey, S. (2010). Academic Writing for International Students of Business Hardcover. New York: Routeledge
Emmerson, P. (2010). Business Grammar Builder - Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate, New Jersey: Macmillan
Hughes, J. (2008). Success with BEC: The new Business English Certificates course. Vantage [B2], Student's book (1. publ. ed.). London: Summertown
Business Spotlight Magazine. URL: https://www.business-spotlight.de/
Harvard Business Review. URL: https://hbr.org/
Presentation Guru. URL: https://www.presentation-guru.com/
TED Talks. URL www.ted.com

Moderated group work, lecture, discussion, case work

Integrative module examination
Assessment type: Continuous assessment
Assessment method/s: Participation in class, presentation, final written examination
Evaluation of module examinations:
20 % "English: Current Trend Analysis": 1 Graph Presentation