5G Networks (ILV)

Course numberM2.02870.30.041
Course code5GN
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presence- and Telecourse
ECTS credits5,0
Language of instruction English

The students know the Architecture, Technology and Operation of 5G networks. They understand the details of the physical and higher layers, RF and spectrum aspects, as well as the separation between data plane and control plane in the field of communication networks.
The students are able to decide and specify appropriate 5G components on both mobile and network side. They can calculate, estimate and measure the necessary key performance indicators for typical telecommunication use cases.
Finally, they know about the different options of migration from 4G to 5G and the interworking of both generations.

Basic knowledge in Wireless Communication and Mobile Networks.

Starting with the previous generations of mobile communication (2G / GSM, 3G / UMTS and 4G / LTE), the properties of 5G / NR are presented.
The content of the module includes:
• Standards (3GPP) & Regulations (ITU)
• 5G Network Architecture
• New Radio Access Layer (Coding, Modulation, Duplex-Schemes)
• Spectrum Management
• Radio-Access Network Structures (Cloud-RAN, Virtual-RAN)
• massive MIMO
• Cellbased IoT and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)
• Mobility and Session Management
• Network Slicing
• Migration from 4G to 5G: Stand-Alone (SA) vs. Non Stand-Alone (NSA) operations
• LTE-NR Interworking and Deployment Scenarios
• 5G Use Cases

Lecture script as provided in the course (required)
S. Ahmadi: 5G NR - Architecture, Technology, Implementation, and Operation of 3GPP New Radio Standards, Academic Press Elsevier, 2019
H. Holma, A. Toskala, T. Nakamura: 5G Technology 3GPP New Radio, Wiley, 2020
E. Dahlmann, S. Parkvall, J. Sköld: 5G NR - The next Generation Wireless Access Technology, Academic Press, Elsevier, 2018

Integrated course - teaching & discussion, demonstration, exercises and practical examples in the lab, homework

presentations, assignment reports, written/oral exam