Project (III) Practical Implementation (PA)

Course numberM2.08760.11.101
Course codePROJ3
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presence- and Telecourse
ECTS credits5,0
Language of instruction English

Students are able to implement a data science project proposed in the previous concept study.
They are experienced in the preparation of the data as well as in the setup of the framework.
The students know how to apply and troubleshoot different algorithms on their data and to interpret and demonstrate the results.

Project (II) Frameworks and Concept Study

The module covers the following topics/contents:

  • Practical implementation of the project developed as concept study
  • Framework and algorithmic setup and testing
  • Visualization of the results
  • Documentation with a focus on scientific writing

Project handouts as provided during the review meetings (required)
Concept study as developed in Project (II) (required)
Previous course materials (required)

Apply practical concepts from previous modules to implement a data science project from scratch with regular supervision, support and review by project tutors.
Presentations of intermediate results on a regular basis.

Immanent examination character:
Presentation of intermediate and final project results in reviews
Documentation and presentation of the implemented data science project